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Capitus Associates Comments on ESG Roles in Investment Management

Pensions & Investments

May 27, 2019

Partner Keith Macomber comments on the trend of hiring ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) experts.   He observed that while ESG has been prevalent in Europe for about 20 years, it's taken longer to catch on in the U.S.. But with institutional clients demanding it more, money managers want to provide strong ESG offerings. As a result, managers, a number of which believe in the goals. He commented, “We've seen that inflection point in the last couple of years. It's become mainstream."

Capitus Associates Comments on Hiring Trends in Investment Management

Pensions & Investments

April 1, 2019

Partner Keith Macomber comments on the investment management industry’s focus on recruiting quantitative specialists, artificial intelligence experts and portfolio constructionists.  He observes that for money managers running multi- asset class investment strategies, intense recruiting is directed on experienced portfolio constructionists and asset allocation modelers. 

Executive Search Firm Judson Partners Changes Name to Capitus Associates

February 5, 2019

Judson Partners, a boutique executive search firm focused exclusively on the financial services industry, today announced that it has changed its name to Capitus Associates. The rebranding reflects the firm’s expertise and rapid growth since the firm’s establishment in 2016. Click here to read more

Capitus Associates Offers Perspective on Quantitative Investing and Research

December 2018

Partner Keith Macomber shares his perspective on major trends within quantitative investing and research, and how this is affecting the market for talent. Click here to read more

Capitus Associates Authors Thought Piece on The Power of Permanent Capital

October 2018 ​

Partner Cornelia Kiley expands her Fund Fire article on family office deploying permanent capital. The piece examines how this trend is playing out among institutional investors.  Click here to read more

Alt Managers: Meet Family Offices, Your New Rival

Fund Fire

September 12, 2018

Partner Cornelia Kiley discusses how family offices with permanent capital are becoming a prominent force in alternative investing and the challenges that they present for fund managers. Click here to read more

Capitus Associates (formerly Judson Partners) named to Hunt Scanlon's New York Power 60 list

Capitus Associates (formerly Judson Partners) named to Hunt Scanlon's New York Power 60 which ranks the most influential and innovative executive recruiters in New York. Click here to view the list

Capitus Associates (formerly Judson Partners) Ranked Among Top Search Firms in Real Estate

Real Estate Alert

April 25, 2018

Capitus Associates (formerly Judson Partners) is ranked among the top recruiters serving real estate companies by Real Estate Alert.  Click here to view the list

Capitus Associates Comments on Hiring Trends in the Infrastructure Market 

Fund Fire

March 14, 2018

Partner Cornelia Kiley is quoted about the demand for investment and investor relations talent in the infrastructure market. She commented, “There’s a build-out of talent in North America for non-U.S. managers, especially European firms, and that trend is building momentum,”

Regarding the focus on investor relation roles she added, “These firms are turning around sometimes in 12 to 18 months and going back to the market, and the shortest distance from a launch of fund to a close is through your existing investors. So they’ve really beefed up investor relations.”  

Capitus Associates Authors Thought Piece on Infrastructure Investing

February 2018

With another year of capital raising distinguished by volume and velocity, infrastructure may be the most compelling story across the real assets spectrum. This piece examines the current infrastructure market and the potential areas of expansion and identifies infrastructure talent trends to watch.  Click here to read more

Capitus Associates Looks at Market and Talent Trends in Investment Management

December 2017

Capitus Associates (formerly Judson Partners) examines the distribution function within the asset management industry over the past year. We summarize the trends in sales, marketing and client service and the associated talent implications for 2018. Click here to read more

Capitus Associates Comments on Blackstone's New Infrastructure Group

Fund Fire

December 20, 2017

Partner Cornelia Kiley commented on private funds starting to flow into select large infrastructure projects. She reflects on the benefits of Blackstone’s talent model of hiring senior infrastructure executives along with private equity professionals at the principal and director level.

Capital Associates Comments on the Hiring Trends in Private Real Estate 

Fund Fire

August 30, 2017

Partner Cornelia Kiley is quoted about firms boosting their assets and teams in the private real estate and broader real assets market. She commented, “The hiring market for real assets is especially active in infrastructure, with firms such as Blackstone building out new teams and others trying to expand platforms. It’s going to get a lot more attention, and there will be a lot of talent shuffling and recruitment.”

When asked about real estate hiring tilting toward specialty strategies targeting hotels or logistics centers she added, “That’s where we’re seeing some of the searches – very specific skill sets that they’re looking to add opportunistically.”

Capitus Associates Comments on Diversity Strategies and Trends in Private Equity

Fund Fire

June 21, 2017

Partners Cornelia Kiley and Jill Niemczyk discuss what private equity firms can do to boost women in senior roles. When asked about how firms can find candidates Kiley commented, “Standard recruiting efforts by fund managers seeking to poach from rivals alone won’t suffice.” She continued, “The reality is that lateral hiring of senior women in private equity is a challenge. They are keenly protected by their current employer.”

When asked about where firms can recruit women for senior jobs, Niemczyk said, “Another place to look may be in slightly more diverse corners of the private funds market.” She further commented, “There is an opportunity to recruit senior women from talent universes that are somewhat more populated with women than buyouts, such as infrastructure, real estate, and capital markets.”​​

Capitus Associates Comments on Real Estate Managers Pushing Into Advisor Market

Fund Fire

April 19, 2017

Partner Cornelia Kiley is quoted about alternative firms translating their otherwise illiquid strategies into retail formats. She said, “The non-traded or less-traded structures – interval funds, [business development companies], non-traded REITs – all allow for more direct access to underlying assets and offer higher yields in most cases. This is the real area, more than ‘liquid alts’, where you may see a lot of alternative product germinate.”

Alts Managers Must Close the Education Gap

Fund Fire

November 2, 2016

Partner Cornelia Kiley discusses the need for better education on alternative investment strategies with top executives from Blackstone Group, Everest Medical Core Properties and Tangent Capital. She says low interest rates and a fully valued equity market have resulted in an unprecedented flow of individual investor assets into alternatives. But economics and inertia have kept most alternatives firms from adding education to their marketing arsenal. Click here to read more

Capitus Associates Comments on M&A Activity Among BDC’s​

Fund Fire

May 25, 2016

Partner Cornelia Kiley is quoted about Ares’ Management’s acquisition of a large percentage of American Capital. She commented, “The deal positions Ares as a market leader at a time when direct lending is set to continue growing, as the roster of financial institutions willing to lend to middle-market companies dwindles, leaving non-bank outfits such as fund managers as prime suppliers of debt.”

Kiley further said, “The growth of private debt vehicles is exploding with institutional investors allocating more to this asset class. We have seen a proliferation in the number of [fund management] firms with very steep growth trajectories, adding human capital to raise larger funds. We think this is more than a trend, but a restructuring of the industry.”

Veteran Headhunter St. John Launches Firm

Commercial Mortgage Alert

May 5, 2016

Partners Jill Niemczyk and Kerry Allison-Gaines talk about the launch of Capitus Associates (formerly Judson Partners), the firm’s expertise in structured finance, capital markets and commercial real estate and where they see opportunities in the marketplace.

Niemczyk said, “There are new opportunities for nonbanks to enter this space. They are less heavily regulated than the banks, so the landscape is shifting. That makes it an interesting time for us to enter the picture.”

Capitus Associates (formerly Judson Partners) Ranked Among Top Search Firms in Real Estate

Real Estate Alert

April 27, 2016

Capitus Associates (formerly Judson Partners) is ranked among the top recruiters serving real estate companies by Real Estate Alert. Click here to review the list. 

Capitus Associates Comments on Rise in Retail Alts Distribution

Fund Fire

April 13, 2016

Partner Cornelia Kiley comments on Blackstone’s retail alts distribution platform including the firm’s increase in high-net-worth investor sales. She said, “There are fundamental things Blackstone got right. They did it early and did it right.”

Kiley further commented, “It hit the mark on multiple fronts, including its extensive Blackstone University advisor education program; hiring an experienced alts sales team modeled on traditional distribution; having a consistent flow of products; building relationships with the biggest wealth firms; and centralizing sales across its internal units, she says.

They are building a kind of muscle memory in the distribution platform. There has not been a time in the last couple of years that there has not been an open and available Blackstone product [for advisors to access] in several different kinds of strategies.”